MICRO GRIDS TODAY Themes and Outcomes

The Ontario Smart Grid Forum (‘the Forum’) includes member organizations from Ontario’s utility sector, industry associations, non-profit organizations, public agencies and universities working together to propose a vision for a smart grids in Ontario and examine the many components that comprise it. It is supported by the Corporate Partners Committee, which represents more than 45 private sector organizations active in the smart grid space – including, electric vehicles, energy retailers, energy management companies, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers. To learn more download this white paper.

Microgrid Controller MGC600

Microgrid Controller

The MGC600 is designed to manage and automate power generation systems that utilize different energy resources such as diesel, HFO, gas, geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, and tidal. It enables and maintains the grid integration of renewable and conventional generators in a cost and energy efficient manner. The power system operator and the environment both benefit from the maximized use of any renewable energy and optimized dispatch of conventional power plants.

Microgrid Protection and Safety

Microgrid protection

With the development of renewable energy, energy stor- age and distributed generation (DG) the microgrid has attracted more and more concern due to its special fea- tures. A micro grid consists of a low to medium voltage network of small load clusters with DG sources and stor- age. Micro grids can operate in an islanded mode or can be connected to the main grid system. If a micro grid is connected to the system, it is seen as a single aggregate load or source.

Microgrid Knowledge Special Report on Microgrid Financing

Finances for Microgrids

An advanced microgrid offers both power supply and energy savings and derives value from each. And that’s just the start of the complex stream of economic benefits that can emanate from a microgrid; others include electric reliability, resiliency, energy security, emissions reductions and energy bill savings. This paper provides an overview of microgrid financing and how the microgrid controller can help your microgrid reach maximum return on investment.