The Lesser Known Benefits of a Microgrid

benefits of a microgrid

Whether connected or disconnect to the grid, a microgrid provides more than just reliable energy. Mesa Solutions outlines some of the lesser-known benefits of a microgrid including reducing carbon emissions and reducing energy costs.

The Benefits of Combining Solar and Storage in Microgrid Applications

solar and storage

Today’s microgrid applications are both flexible and adaptive, enabling the end user’s energy systems to generate a marked improved return on investment. To truly grasp the importance of this innovation, get the new paper from CleanSpark examines how the renewable landscape has evolved and the leading role microgrid technology plays in the future of energy — and explores the benefits of combining solar and storage in microgrid applications.

A Holistic Approach for Wildfire Mitigation


Distributed energy resources are important for emergency preparedness and recovery in a disaster, especially in rural, sparsely populated areas with rugged terrain. If a wildfire strikes, communities need to be self-sufficient, perhaps for several weeks or longer. Download the new report from Siemens that explores how with robust microgrid and emergency power supplies, critical infrastructure can continue to serve thousands of people with life, health, and safety services.

Raising the IQ of Microgrid Controllers

microgrid controllers

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has been busy “raising the IQ” of microgrid controllers through an innovative procurement program. Experts from NREL explored their latest research at Microgrid 2018 in Chicago.

Making Microgrids Work to Advance Power Resiliency

This white paper provides a look at current microgrid technology, examines a microgrid feasibility study and engineering options, along with tips for identifying qualified vendors and providers of turnkey solutions. To learn how a microgrid can give your organization improved power resiliency download this white paper.

Microgrid Business Models and Value Chains

The new energy industry is working to categorize the various types of microgrids and business models. The primary goal is to minimize microgrid system cost and funding. To learn more about microgrid business modes and value chains download this white paper.

Design and Development of a Microgrid Control System

This paper presents a centralized microgrid control system for effective operation of wind turbines and diesel engines coupled to a flywheel electrical storage component on Saint Paul Island. The wind turbines have sufficient capacity to support the entire island without using the diesel engines. Download now to learn more.

Microgrid Knowledge Guide to Gas Turbine Microgrids

gas turbine microgrid

In this guide, “The Gas Turbine Microgrid: Reliability and Sustainability through Intelligence,” we look at several ways gas turbines contribute to the intelligent functioning of microgrids. We describe how they act as the backbone or anchor for system efficiency, particularly when paired with renewable energy. To Learn More about the value of gas turbine microgrids download this guide.