Microgrid Knowledge Guide to Gas Turbine Microgrids

gas turbine microgrid

In this guide, “The Gas Turbine Microgrid: Reliability and Sustainability through Intelligence,” we look at several ways gas turbines contribute to the intelligent functioning of microgrids. We describe how they act as the backbone or anchor for system efficiency, particularly when paired with renewable energy. To Learn More about the value of gas turbine microgrids download this guide.

International Microgrid Assesment

international microgrid

Microgrids can provide an avenue for increasing the amount of distributed generation and delivery of electricity, where control is more dispersed and quality of service is locally tailored to end-use requirements. Much of this functionality is very different from the predominant utility model to date of centralized power production which is then transmitted and distributed across long distances with a uniform quality of service.

Microgrid Effects for Utilities

microgrid effects

By allowing multiple generation assets to provide power for a common load, microgrids greatly increase both the reliability of power and its efficiency of generation. Typically, the greatest beneficiaries of microgrids are customers with large, mission critical facilities or large power consumers in areas prone to frequent and/or prolonged outages (e.g. hurricane zones).

The Energy Efficient CHP Microgrid

CHP Microgrid

This Microgrid Knowledge Special Report paints a picture of the emerging microgrid-driven world, with Combined Heat and Power (CHP) at its core. For a long time CHP and District Energy seemed like the best-kept-secret of energy insiders. Learn how CHP and District Energy are the keys to building the world’s most energy efficient microgrids.