Disaster Planning & Business: How Microgrids Help Commercial & Industrial Operations Improve Customer Service in a Crisis

Explore industrial microgrids, and how they can help operations improve customers service in a crisis for commercial and industrial businesses. Moderator: Hanan Fishman (Alencon Systems) President Allan Schurr (Enchanted Rock) Chief Commercial Officer: The Pressure of the Pandemic on Data Centers and the Role of Microgrids Mike Byrnes … [Read more...]

Ensuring reliable power for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sites

In many parts of the world regular interruptions to the grid power supply are a way of life, with frequent black- or brown-outs occurring on a weekly or even daily basis. There are many different reasons for a grid to become unreliable, such as energy supply issues, weak infrastructure or extreme weather. Yet, the challenges for Commercial and … [Read more...]

Concentric Power’s Intelligent Microgrid Controller installed at Taylor Farms

 Taylor Farms’ Gonzales, Calif.,  processing facility had existing wind and solar components, but they functioned independently of each other. The goal of a microgrid and cogen project was to integrate these existing distributed energy resources (DERs) and add firm power to form a microgrid system that could effectively take the facility off grid — … [Read more...]

Microgrids and Resiliency – Impact on Public Health

Power outages have both acute and long-term impacts on public health and the critical infrastructure that supports the achievement of public health goals. Acute, immediate impacts tend to grab headlines. In November 2012, Hurricane Sandy’s storm surge knocked out power along the coast in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, disabling primary and backup … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity Considerations for Electrical Distribution Systems

Every day, cyber attacks against government and commercial computer networks number in the millions. According to U.S. Cyber Command, Pentagon systems are probed 250,000 times per hour. Similar attacks are becoming more prevalent on other kinds of information-based smart networks as well, such as those that operate buildings and utility systems. … [Read more...]

State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report

In S&C Electric's Third State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability report, conducted in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, facilities and energy managers of commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses across the United States were surveyed regarding their perspectives on power reliability and future energy … [Read more...]

Microgrid Evolution Fuels Smarter Energy Management

Smarter energy management delivers reliability, efficiency and cost savings. From the time when our alarm goes off in the morning to when we turn the lights off at night, we use electrical power. In terms of magnitude, each person in the U.S. spends around $3,052 on electricity (2012 figures). With a population of about 314 million people at the … [Read more...]

Making Microgrids Work to Advance Power Resiliency

According to a recent Microgrid Knowledge study power resiliency is one of the top 3 reasons organizations and communities install a microgrid. Factors such as increasing occurrences of natural disasters, the ongoing threat of cyber attacks and growing awareness of inadequate, outdated or failing grid infrastructure all drive microgrid adoption. … [Read more...]

Reciprocating Engine Generators and Microgrids: The Last Defense Against a Power Outage

Reciprocating engine generators are becoming increasingly important to help solve three contemporary energy problems. The first problem occurs in developed areas like North America, where electric reliability is crucial as the economy grows ever more Internet-based. The second problem can be found in remote regions of the world, where no … [Read more...]

Microgrid Knowledge Guide to Gas Turbine Microgrids

Movement is a foot worldwide to bring new intelligence to conventional or ‘dumb’ generation. The gas turbine microgrid is central to this smartening of power generation. The term dumb generation describes the kind of conventional power plants, wind turbines or solar panels that have been used for decades. They produce megawatts, but do nothing … [Read more...]