Impact of Optimal Controls in a Microgrid

optimal controls

Many commercial and industrial businesses are installing microgrids in order to lower their energy costs, reduce their carbon emissions, and bolster their resilience. Learn how these objectives can be achieved through the use of optimal controls in microgrids.  

Ensuring reliable power for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sites

There are many different reasons for a grid to become unreliable, such as energy supply issues, weak infrastructure or extreme weather. Yet, the challenges for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sites are usually the same: lost production, lower workforce efficiency and potential damage to their process equipment. Learn how one company solved this concern.

Concentric Power’s Intelligent Microgrid Controller installed at Taylor Farms

microgrid controller

By integrating solar, wind and cogeneration, Taylor Farms saw a reduction of 12,190 metric tons of CO2 emissions in one year, a 94% decrease from before the microgrid was completed. This is equivalent to the GHG emissions from 2,588 vehicles driven for one year. A new Concentric Power report explores the project.

Microgrids and Resiliency – Impact on Public Health

Real Energy Experts from around the world want to share this white paper on how microgrids can improve public health outcomes by making electricity services more resilient by providing uninterrupted access to power. Thus preventing disruptions and damage to critical facilities and infrastructure, including but not limited to hospitals and other medical facilities,facilities where residents are in custody (such as prisons and nursing homes), wastewater treatment or drinking water purification facilities, and cooling centers, among others. Read on to learn more.

Cybersecurity Considerations for Electrical Distribution Systems

Cyber Threats

There is increasing concern regarding cybersecurity across industries where companies are steadily integrating field devices into enterprise-wide information systems. A new white paper provides high-level guidance to help customers across industries and applications apply Eaton solutions for power management of electrical systems in accordance with current cybersecurity standards.

State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability Report

industrial power reliability

In S&C Electric’s third “State of Commercial & Industrial Power Reliability” report, conducted in collaboration with Frost & Sullivan, facilities and energy managers of commercial and industrial (C&I) businesses across the United States were surveyed regarding their perspectives on power reliability and future energy needs. Download the full report from S&C to learn more about what C&I leaders across the U.S. have to say about reliability and the energy of tomorrow.

Microgrid Evolution Fuels Smarter Energy Management

energy management

Electrical power is essential. Our homes, businesses, healthcare, community infrastructure and educational institutions all rely on power. Yet, due to an aging infrastructure and increasing demand, our electrical grid is not as reliable or resilient as we need. Download this white paper to learn more about smart energy alternatives.

Making Microgrids Work to Advance Power Resiliency

This white paper provides a look at current microgrid technology, examines a microgrid feasibility study and engineering options, along with tips for identifying qualified vendors and providers of turnkey solutions. To learn how a microgrid can give your organization improved power resiliency download this white paper.