Hospitals Need Microgrids, Not Just Backup Generators

Hospitals are one of the largest consumers of commercial energy in the US, and they have a critical need for reliable, resilient and robust power. Diagnostics equipment, lifesaving medical devices and thousands of employees demand power to provide care to the hospital's patients. Traditionally, emergency generators have been the source of power in … [Read more...]

Healthcare & Microgrids: Ensuring Power When the Value of Resiliency is Immeasurable

Take a deep dive into healthcare microgrids, and how these systems can ensure power in facilities where resiliency is of utmost importance. Presentations and Discussion Moderator: Kevin Normandeau, Publisher, Microgrid Knowledge Ben Parvey (BlueSky Power) CEO: Research Findings: The Economic Value of Energy Resilience in Healthcare Phil … [Read more...]

The Value of Microgrids During Societal Disruption

History tells us that disasters tend to spur new interest in microgrids and reliable energy. COVID-19 is no different, given the strain it has placed on hospitals, data centers and delivery systems. On top of that, society faces new economic pressures, making the sophisticated energy cost management offered by microgrids even more important. What … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Hospitals and Healthcare

Given their lifesaving and life sustaining work, hospitals cannot tolerate power outages. They require reliable energy. They also use more energy than commercial and industrial facilities of comparable size. These two factors complicate efforts at hospitals to minimize energy costs and achieve sustainability goals. Microgrids for hospitals have … [Read more...]

Rapid Microgrid Deployments for Emergency Preparedness: Powering Field Hospitals for COVID-19 and Beyond

Bloom Energy is working quickly to launch microgrid deployments and solutions to power existing and temporary hospitals while they care for COVID-19 patients.  Makeshift medical facilities known as field hospitals are popping up one by one across the nation, giving purpose to now-vacant convention centers, parks, arenas, and sometimes even empty … [Read more...]

How New Microgrid Designs Help Hospitals Increase Resilience, Cut Costs, and Improve Sustainability

As hospital administrators reevaluate their facilities’ resilience against grid instability, many also face budgetary and environmental pressures. Microgrid designs and technology is increasingly being used to further enhance uptime, while reducing energy spend and minimizing a facility’s carbon footprint. Generator failures at hospitals have … [Read more...]

Healthcare Facilities and Power Outages: Guidance for State, Local, Tribal, Territorial, and Private-Sector Partners

Across the Nation, in every community, there are individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, and other long-term care facilities dependent on power for their well-being. And healthcare facility power outages are becoming more of a concern as the threat from natural disasters grows, and energy infrastructure ages. A wide range of facilities provide … [Read more...]