Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry

Solar energy has the ability to provide immense benefit to society and the grid, reducing the use of fossil fuels that drive climate change. But solar’s full potential isn’t being fully realized and, in some cases, is even thwarted.  What’s the problem?  Solar alone isn’t always controllable or predictable. It lacks the newest technologies … [Read more...]

The Genius of Microgrids in Higher Education

The U.S. higher education system ranks as the strongest in the world, besting all other countries because of its breadth of exceptional institutions and its reach to such a large percentage of the nation’s youth. Still, it faces some significant headwinds, not the least of which is the increased demand for new infrastructure in the face of leveling … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Hospitals and Healthcare

Given their lifesaving and life sustaining work, hospitals cannot tolerate power outages. They require reliable energy. They also use more energy than commercial and industrial facilities of comparable size. These two factors complicate efforts at hospitals to minimize energy costs and achieve sustainability goals. Microgrids for hospitals have … [Read more...]

How Microgrids are Changing the Paradigm on Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime, and Efficiency

The data center industry continues to meet society’s increased demand for constant connectivity, content delivery, and a myriad of business and personal necessities. As the data center industry expands, whether in traditional facilities or at the edge, data center leaders seek ways to deploy better, more resilient mission-critical operations, … [Read more...]

Making Your Organization Carbon Neutral With Renewable Natural Gas

The growing importance of sustainability is cultivating demand for comprehensive energy solutions that can help organizations achieve their environmentally focused goals. Low-carbon alternatives in recent years have been more focused on electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar PV, in addition to some base load … [Read more...]

How New Microgrid Designs Help Hospitals Increase Resilience, Cut Costs, and Improve Sustainability

As hospital administrators reevaluate their facilities’ resilience against grid instability, many also face budgetary and environmental pressures. Microgrid designs and technology is increasingly being used to further enhance uptime, while reducing energy spend and minimizing a facility’s carbon footprint. Generator failures at hospitals have … [Read more...]

True Leaf Farm Finds Energy Resilience Via Onsite Microgrid

True Leaf Farms is the grower-owned processing facility and brand of Church Brothers Farms, a leading fresh produce farming/shipping company in the Salinas Valley. Co-owned between the Church and Gill families, True Leaf Farms operates year-round and produces more than 400,000 cartons of produce per week. True Leaf Farms was looking for energy … [Read more...]

Concentric Power’s Intelligent Microgrid Controller installed at Taylor Farms

 Taylor Farms’ Gonzales, Calif.,  processing facility had existing wind and solar components, but they functioned independently of each other. The goal of a microgrid and cogen project was to integrate these existing distributed energy resources (DERs) and add firm power to form a microgrid system that could effectively take the facility off grid — … [Read more...]

Advanced Microgrid Serves as a Learning Lab

Dedicated to environmental ethics, the Fox Cities Environmental Learning Center at Bubolz Nature Preserve advanced its mission significantly in 2018 when it became home to one of the world’s most sophisticated microgrids. The advanced microgrid operates as a learning lab for the 100,000-plus visitors expected at the Appleton, Wisc., preserve each … [Read more...]

An Innovative Approach to Resilience in Public Facilities

Montgomery County is a sizeable government that found itself with an equally sizeable problem. With 9,000 employees and 400 buildings totaling 9 million square feet, the Maryland county has a budget as large or bigger than many states. Bordering Washington, D.C., with over 1 million people, the county represents 16% of the state’s economy. Even … [Read more...]