Rich Burn Generation in Today’s Power Grid

Distributed generation is the future of the electric grid. The term, distributed generation, generally means it is distributed across the grid, rather than in centralized power plants. Why is this a good thing? This paper is intended to focus on the method and rationale for why distributed generation is important, efficient and economical for the … [Read more...]

Engine-driven Generators and their Criticality in Microgrids

The purpose of the microgrid solution is to provide cleaner, more efficient, and locally-created power when compared to utility-scale distributed power typically based on coal or nuclear. The benefits have been well documented in industry. Microgrid designs today typically start with a focus on the renewable aspects of the power solution. A … [Read more...]

Before, During & After the Storm: Quantifying Resiliency and Reliability

Recent natural event patterns suggest that extreme weather events are only increasing in intensity and frequency. Eight of the ten costliest hurricane seasons have been in the past 20 years — with four of these in just the past five years — and wildfires are burning more often and more destructively. The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season was the … [Read more...]

How to Get Off the Electric Grid, Stabilize Cost & Increase Efficiency

 When a half dozen beneficial and complementary capabilities present themselves for optimal use all at once, it can be challenging to tell the story linearly. But for starters, here’s a candidate for a long title to this article: “How to get your commercial or industrial site completely off the electric grid by using prime power internal combustion … [Read more...]

Microgrids Find Their Business Case with Climate Resilient Internet

 Microgrids are the future for resilient, sustainable energy, but cost is a stumbling block. ROI is hard to calculate and “even when a microgrid is cost effective, developing and proving a business case can be difficult.” This paper confronts that challenge with a stronger value proposition; one that taps a new revenue stream and maximizes … [Read more...]

Think Like a Financier to Win Funding for Your Microgrid Project

It’s far easier to finance a microgrid project today than it was just a few years ago thanks to new financing mechanisms and a greater understanding of the technology by investors. Still, some great microgrid projects do not see the light of day because of the gap between a developer’s vision and a financier’s scrutiny.  Developers, sponsors and … [Read more...]

Energy Management with the Big Picture in Mind

Energy management for commercial and industrial facilities has never been easy. And yet, in recent years, it’s grown more complex with additional responsibilities added to the job. Sustainability is becoming an integral piece of corporate strategy that ties directly to business success, reduced risks, and reputational value. Sustainability is a … [Read more...]

Bundling Competitive Supply and Distributed Energy Resources

Texas businesses often pursue one of two distinct energy strategies. One approach focuses on competitive supply, which can offer low and predictable rates. The other encompasses distributed energy resources (DERs), such as backup generators, energy storage, or microgrids, which are technologies that enhance energy reliability and … [Read more...]

Enhancing data center reliability and sustainability with a microgrid solution

Aligned is a data center infrastructure technology company offering data center solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers. For its new facility in Plano, Texas, Aligned required state-of-the-art electrical systems that were reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective, responding to the demands of the data center industry … [Read more...]

Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry

Solar energy has the ability to provide immense benefit to society and the grid, reducing the use of fossil fuels that drive climate change. But solar’s full potential isn’t being fully realized and, in some cases, is even thwarted.  What’s the problem?  Solar alone isn’t always controllable or predictable. It lacks the newest technologies … [Read more...]