The Value of Microgrids During Societal Disruption

Value of Microgrids

History tells us that disasters tend to spur new interest in microgrids and reliable energy. COVID-19 is no different, given the strain it has placed on hospitals, data centers and delivery systems. On top of that, society faces new economic pressures, making the sophisticated energy cost management offered by microgrids even more important. What role can microgrids play in the recovery?

How Microgrids are Changing the Paradigm on Data Center Power Delivery, Uptime, and Efficiency

Uptime and performance are critical for data centers, but they can not continue to rely on diesel generators for reliable backup power, especially as they respond to price pressure and environmental sensibilities. Download the new special report that explores why microgrid use is on the rise and how microgrids improve resiliency, uptime, and a data center’s environmental profile.

Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids — The Impact of the New Digital Economy on Data Centers

data centers

The forecasted growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the rapid uptake of cloud-based applications to manage the emerging digital economy speak to a fundamental fact: the role data centers will play in daily life will continue to grow exponentially over time. The digitization of products and services is largely dependent upon them having reliable electricity. If done right, the shift to electricity can offer enormous advantages in terms of resource productivity and a more sustainable economy. Download the new report from Navigant Research and Schneider Electric that focuses on the connection between data centers and advanced microgrids.

PowerSecure Highlights Commitment to On-Site Power Reliability

Power Reliability

Mission-critical enterprises use microgrids with on-site power systems to achieve the highest possible reliability. Power outages are increasingly unacceptable at military bases, health-care facilities, data centers, distribution centers, and retail facilities. Download the new white paper from PowerSecure that provides a “behind-the-scenes” view into how microgrids can achieve and maintain the highest level of reliability available.

Data Centers and Advanced Microgrids: Smarter, Cleaner Power Infrastructure

data center microgrids

Data centers are moving away from direct ownership of hard assets and seeking resiliency and efficiency via the cloud and the virtualization of energy services. Download the new Navigant Research white paper, commissioned by Schneider Electric, that explores the implications of advanced microgrids and the cloud on the data center industry.