A collection of white papers on Community Microgrids

Microgrids: An Immediate Climate Solution

microgrid vision paper

Written for US policymakers and regulators, “Microgrids: An Immediate Climate Solution” offers a vision of the vital role microgrids can play in solving pressing climate challenges. Download to learn more.

The Opportunity for Propane in Microgrid Backup Generators

In their new report, the Propane Education and Research Council explain the opportunities for propane in microgrids. Propane is a low carbon fuel source that produces less soot than diesel and can help achieve emissions goals without any additional costs to the customer.

Microgrids Find Their Business Case with Climate Resilient Internet

climate resilient internet

Get the paper that confronts energy challenges with a stronger value proposition; one that taps a new revenue stream and maximizes client resilience. In this new vision, microgrids extend resilience to mission critical internet and cloud data, where extreme weather is causing blackouts lasting days and weeks; blackouts so consequential, they must be avoided at all costs. 

A Critical Assessment of the ‘Big Three’ Types of Microgrids

types of microgrids

Starting from the well-established conventional microgrid market, this comprehensive report describes the community microgrid market opportunity, market drivers, business models, benefits/value, barriers to implementation (and recommended solutions), prototype installations, and recent regulatory/legislative activity. Get the new report that also describes insights from COVID-19 regional and local health, safety, and economic impacts that may strengthen the case for these microgrids. 

Nine Lessons Learned from Successful Community Microgrids

community microgrid

This white paper from Hoffman Power Consulting documents a comprehensive review of successful community microgrids. The lessons learned documented in this white paper can help microgrid developers and service providers work closely with communities, utilities, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders to accelerate growth of the community microgrid market.

Six Barriers to Community Microgrids and Potential Ways Developers can Surmount Them

community microgrids

In many jurisdictions, various financial, institutional (regulatory and legal), and perceptional barriers present key challenges to community microgrid implementation. Get the new white paper from Hoffman Power Consulting that describes barriers and leading practices for microgrid developers to consider for successful community microgrids and their implementation.

What on Earth is an ‘Oasis’ Community Microgrid?

oasis community microgrid

As extreme weather and wildfires increase in intensity and frequency, and the economic cost of power outages grows, local communities increasingly recognize that resilience to extreme events begins at home, at the community level – and that’s where the community microgrid resides. An extension of this is an “oasis” community microgrid, which encompasses critical community services in the microgrid. Get the report from Hoffman Power Consulting that explores the “oasis” microgrid.

Hydro Tasmania Develops an Advanced Utility Grade Hybrid Energy Solution

hydro Tasmania

The challenge was to develop a hybrid energy system and reduce Flinders Island’s dependence on diesel for electricity. The Island is located off Tasmania’s north-east Coast. Get the full report that explores Rockwell Automation and Hydro Tasmania’s hydro energy hub system — capable of displacing 60% of the annual diesel fuel used to generate electricity.