Microgrids Find Their Business Case with Climate Resilient Internet

climate resilient internet

Get the paper that confronts energy challenges with a stronger value proposition; one that taps a new revenue stream and maximizes client resilience. In this new vision, microgrids extend resilience to mission critical internet and cloud data, where extreme weather is causing blackouts lasting days and weeks; blackouts so consequential, they must be avoided at all costs. 

Sample GSS and DSS Microgrid Installations

DSS microgrid

This new report from NEC explores a variety of different GSS and DSS microgrid installations that illustrate how energy systems  can provide full-services, energy storage solutions and battery systems.  Get the new white paper that offers case studies that explore the ins and outs of energy storage systems, technical and economic project analysis, installation and commissioning, operation, maintenance, equipment warrantees, performance guarantees, and financing.

Without Digital There Will be No Energy Transition

energy transition

By now, most of us have settled into the idea of an energy transition. We all know that we need to move away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable energy future. And that part of this energy transition process will be working out how to navigate our way through the changes to rebuild our current global energy systems. Get the full report from Advisian, as the company explores digitization as the key to a successful transition. 

True Leaf Farm Finds Energy Resilience Via Onsite Microgrid

energy resilience

True Leaf Farms was looking for energy resilience, independence, and cost benefits. The answer: to build an onsite microgrid that consolidated existing services to take advantage of primary, firm power. Get the new Concentric Power white paper to explore the process.

Capturing the Full Value of Renewable Energy for Business in ERCOT

Renewable Energy

Today’s smart businesses are seeking ways to green their electric supply and leverage the increasingly favorable prices of renewable energy. Download the new paper from NRG that examines challenges within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), and offers insight into an opportunity emerging out of the changing market and a simplified way to capture it, calibrated to various levels of risk tolerance. 

Biogas Microgrid

Butler farms microgrid

This report explores how Butler Farms installed lagoon covers for animal waste to not only reduce odors and eliminate rainwater ingress, but also to capture biogas to utilize as a renewable energy resource. Download the report to learn more about how PowerSecure manufactured custom enclosures, and packaged and installed the individual Butler Farms microgrid components into a fully functioning battery storage system and separate controller.

The Short and Long-Term Care of Your Microgrid

microgrid care

You may have experienced lessons learned while building your microgrid, and there’s more to learn even after your system is online. Download the handbook from S&C Electric designed to guide you through the day-to-day operations of your microgrid and think through long-term needs for microgrid care.

How to Build a Microgrid

building microgrids

Even if you have defined some of your microgrid needs, it can be easy to overlook the details. Missing these details can result in increased costs and project delays. This handbook from S&C Electric is designed to provide industry best practices and help you avoid common mistakes when building microgrids.