Hospitals Need Microgrids, Not Just Backup Generators

Hospitals are one of the largest consumers of commercial energy in the US, and they have a critical need for reliable, resilient and robust power. Diagnostics equipment, lifesaving medical devices and thousands of employees demand power to provide care to the hospital's patients. Traditionally, emergency generators have been the source of power in … [Read more...]

Microgrids Find Their Business Case with Climate Resilient Internet

 Microgrids are the future for resilient, sustainable energy, but cost is a stumbling block. ROI is hard to calculate and “even when a microgrid is cost effective, developing and proving a business case can be difficult.” This paper confronts that challenge with a stronger value proposition; one that taps a new revenue stream and maximizes … [Read more...]

Sample GSS and DSS Microgrid Installations

This new report from NEC explores a variety of different GSS and DSS microgrid installations that illustrate how energy systems  can provide full-services, energy storage solutions and battery systems. The new white paper offers case studies that explore the ins and outs of energy storage systems, technical and economic project analysis, … [Read more...]

Without Digital There Will be No Energy Transition

We have a world that's changing. A population increasing. And a fundamental need for energy that's conservatively projected to increase by around 10%  by 2030. But how do we produce more energy while lowering our carbon emissions? How do we scale up our renewables to the levels and reliability required? How do our heavy industries decarbonize? How … [Read more...]

True Leaf Farm Finds Energy Resilience Via Onsite Microgrid

True Leaf Farms is the grower-owned processing facility and brand of Church Brothers Farms, a leading fresh produce farming/shipping company in the Salinas Valley. Co-owned between the Church and Gill families, True Leaf Farms operates year-round and produces more than 400,000 cartons of produce per week. True Leaf Farms was looking for energy … [Read more...]

Capturing the Full Value of Renewable Energy for Business in ERCOT

Today’s smart businesses are seeking ways to green their electric supply and leverage the increasingly favorable prices of renewable energy. In fact, commercial and industrial customers contracted for more renewable megawatts in 2018 than ever before. Technology and data companies lead the way. But in the next few years, the industrial sector … [Read more...]

Microgrids for Retail Report: How Retailers Can Increase Electric Reliability

 MICROGRIDS FOR RETAIL SPECIAL REPORT Businesses lose billions of dollars every year from loss of power. When those businesses are retail stores, the community also suffers. Food and water become scarce. Essential goods are difficult to find. And it can be hard to get around if gasoline is unavailable. Further, customers lose confidence in … [Read more...]

Biogas Microgrid

Power from pig manure has proven to be an innovative solution to several farm challenges for a unique hog farm in rural Lillington, N.C. This report explores how Butler Farms installed lagoon covers for animal waste to not only reduce odors and eliminate rainwater ingress, but also to capture biogas to utilize as a renewable energy … [Read more...]

The Short and Long-Term Care of Your Microgrid

You may have experienced lessons learned while building your microgrid, and there’s more to learn even after your system is online about microgrid care. If you haven’t identified who’s responsible for troubleshooting issues, then you’re likely the one doing it. This might be all right if you have enough knowledgeable staff to monitor a … [Read more...]

How to Build a Microgrid

Your microgrid project is ready to move forward. But a microgrid’s unique nature can trip up even the most advanced engineers and utility staff. Building microgrids is a complex endeavor.  The nature of microgrid topology generally means power can now flow in multiple directions on your grid.  And there are multiple facets to controlling your … [Read more...]