The Lesser Known Benefits of a Microgrid

benefits of a microgrid

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Whether connected or disconnect to the grid, a microgrid provides more than just reliable energy. Mesa Solutions outlines some of the lesser-known benefits of a microgrid including reducing carbon emissions and reducing energy costs.

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Microgrids are becoming more and more popular as hospitals, colleges, universities and other types of organizations deploy the technology to ensure their facilities stay powered. But whether connected or disconnected to the grid, a microgrid provides more than just reliable energy. A new white paper from Mesa Solutions outlines some of the lesser known benefits of a microgrid.

The paper explores how a microgrid can help your organization become carbon compliant. As organizations look to reduce or eliminate their carbon emissions, they’re employing a variety of renewable power solutions, including solar and wind. Many are also using natural gas generators, which are less polluting than their diesel counterparts. A microgrid can seamlessly integrate distributed energy resources allowing organizations to power their operations with greener energy.

The paper also discusses another lesser known benefit of a microgrid — it can help you save money. The author discusses peak shaving and how the microgrid controller can manage the system’s resource mix. The paper also explains how the energy-as-a-service business model can benefit microgrid users.

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