Veritone Energy: CDI for Grid Optimization and Resilience

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In their new report, Veritone shows how their patented technology, Cooperative Distributed Inferencing (CDI), delivers resilience and grid optimization through real-time dynamic grid modeling.

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Today’s electrical grids are dynamic and unpredictable. Extreme weather, natural disasters, fluctuating power, and unpredictable green energy sources have led to higher energy costs and a grid that can no longer provide uninterrupted power. A real-time dynamic grid modeling system is needed to optimize the grid and provide resilience.

Veritone’s patented Cooperative Distributed Inferencing (CDI) provides a unique solution in the marketplace; while other solutions on the market are static, CDI evolves in real-time as conditions change. For example, CDI provides fast and accurate dynamic modeling of batteries. This increases their lifespan, reduces the risk of a thermal event and improves economics.

In this paper, Veritone explores how CDI can deliver real-time dynamic grid modeling and control for predictable, cost effective, and resilient energy dispatch.

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