Opportunities for Public Infrastructure Microgrids: Protecting our Critical Facilities

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Local governments, military officials, university heads, utilities, water and waste facilities, as well as executives overseeing hospitals, transit, airports, and port authorities are exploring the feasibility of microgrids for their operations and seeking relevant examples to emulate. This microgrid guide, developed by Rima Oueid, a senior adviser at the U.S. Department of Energy, is intended for owners and operators of such operations who seek the resilience, economic, or environmental benefits of public infrastructure microgrids.

The first section of this guide highlights the functions and benefits of co-locating a microgrid with critical infrastructure. The second section outlines a phased process and primary considerations for federal, state, local, and tribal governments when building microgrids.

This guide was inspired by the experiences of states affected by Hurricane Sandy, such as New Jersey and New York. High winds, coastal flooding, and other hazards of the “superstorm” caused damage that cost the federal government $50 billion to restore.

Download the guide focused on bringing the resilience, economic, and environmental benefits of a microgrid to water, health, transportation, education, and other critical public infrastructure.

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