Microgrid 360: A Gold Standard for Microgrids

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Microgrid 360 is a gold-standard process for developing microgrids, which is both customer- and internally-focused. It allows for teams to work effectively and gain cumulative expertise with each system we develop, and it helps deliver the highest-quality and highest-performing microgrids in the industry to our customers.

The Microgrid 360 approach can be broken down into three processes.

First, end-to-end expertise is brought to customers, from the concept and design of a microgrid, through its development and implementation, to on-going performance management.

Second, the right technologies should be deployed from the start, and future upgrades facilitated by technology experts.

Third, product and component choices should be based on lifetime performance and robust quality assurance processes.

This paper explain these critical steps and the importance of using empirical evidence collected from many microgrids on a daily basis to feed back into the design process.

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