Management and Control of a Distributed Microgrid

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Veritone describes the distributed microgrid management and control system they developed with Microsoft that reduces energy costs and the carbon footprint of DER / renewables.

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Veritone has partnered with Microsoft to create a distributed microgrid management and control system that improves efficiencies and reduces the energy costs and carbon footprint of DER / renewables.

Using Microsoft Azure’s secure cloud-based architecture and Veritone’s rules-based Distributed Edge Controllers, the two companies have created highly scalable technology that can be rapidly deployed from DER initiatives to smart cities around the world. The architecture can support millions of devices connected either directly or indirectly via a cloud gateway.

In this paper, which is filled with a number of informative charts and graphics, Veritone provides significant details on how this technology works, including its hierarchical economic dispatch and unit command structure and its operational functionality. They also explain how the system’s DER Controller architecture will utilize Azure Internet of Things (IoT).

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