How to Design and Operate a Microgrid

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This paper describes how to design and operate a microgrid by examining a microgrid installed for the US Department of Defense at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The microgrid is composed of two natural gas generators, a battery energy storage inverter, renewables, and a static switch. Design considerations for this retrofit application with a high penetration of dynamic loads are given. The integration of the energy storage inverter with a commercial isochronous generator control system is described. A comparison of droop control vs. isochronous control is provided, and the benefits of using an existing isochronous generator control system for microgrid applications are described. System performance is validated by simulation results.

The Fort Sill microgrid provides valuable experience in microgrids designed for seamless transitions between grid connected and islanded operation, and experience with a high concentration of dynamic and nonlinear loads. It is anticipated that many real-world microgrid installations will be retrofit applications with a high penetration of dynamic loads.

To learn more about how to design and operate a microgrid download this white paper.

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