A Holistic Approach for Wildfire Mitigation

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 Over the last several decades, the western United States has become a region of widespread, high-intensity wildfires. The problem has been complicated by climate change, forest management, outdated and neglected electrical infrastructure, and local land-use decisions that allow communities to sprawl deeper into wildfire-prone areas.

Implementing new technology for these use cases while maintaining normal ongoing reliable operations can be a major challenge. And leveraging existing systems and assets while implementing advanced solutions rapidly is a complex balancing act.

The focus of the holistic Siemens approach for wildfire mitigation is to be a complementary overlay to the entity’s distributed generation architecture to enable better outcomes.

Distributed energy resources are important for emergency preparedness and recovery in a disaster, especially in rural, sparsely populated areas with rugged terrain. If a wildfire strikes, communities need to be self-sufficient, perhaps for several weeks or longer.

This new report from Siemens explores how with robust microgrid and emergency power supplies, critical infrastructure can continue to serve thousands of people with life, health, and safety services.

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