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The senior population is on a path to double in the U.S, and even triple in Europe. This creates pressure to expand hospitals, healthcare networks, assisted living facilities, adult day care and nursing homes. Thus the reason for learning more about the value of Healthcare Microgrids.

Add advances in medical technology, which result in new equipment that needs to be housed, and it’s easy to see why so many hospitals are adding new wings, buildings and satellites. A survey of 3,125 hospital executives last year found that 70 percent had projects under construction or planned in the next three years.

All of this expansion means a greater need for energy - in a sector that is already highly energy intensive. Hospitals use 2.5 times as much energy as commercial buildings of the same size. This isn’t surprising given that hospitals must care for patients 24/7, which creates greater demand for lights, heat and cooling, as well as large amounts of hot water and steam for equipment sterilization, and refrigeration for temperature sensitive medications.

This special report examines:

  • The value of healthcare microgrids to hospitals and communities
  • Why back up generation is often not sufficient
  • How to make healthcare microgrids efficient and green
  • No money down microgrid
  • A look at real world healthcare and hospital microgrids

Get the full healthcare microgrid special report compliments of Microgrid Knowledge and Hitachi

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