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In this report, we present the architecture of an integrated electric distribution system management approach based on the coordinated operation of a DMS, MCs, DERMS, and DERs. The relevant DER group functions necessary to support the implementation of selected DMS applications, i.e., OLPF, VVO, FLISR, SCA and DR, are identified; and messages for Distribution Management Systems communication with EMS, DER and DERMS to support selected use cases are developed.

The project upon which this report is based focused on integrating controllers for aggregated DERs and microgrids with a DMS. Neither this project nor the prior seminal DMSrelated research by Argonne and EPRI addresses the integration of an MC with distribution control systems with only D-SCADA and with a limited number of Distribution Management Systems applications. A recent industry survey on DMS31 found that only 41% of the participants reported that their DMS is “up and running” (fully operational, partially operational, or undergoing mid-life assessment). Thus, an intermediate next step is to identify the integration issues and operational rules for the microgrid and distribution control systems that are limited to D-SCADA, including the functions and messages to be shared between the two systems.

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