Cybersecurity Considerations for Electrical Distribution Systems

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Every day, cyber attacks against government and commercial computer networks number in the millions. According to U.S. Cyber Command, Pentagon systems are probed 250,000 times per hour. Similar attacks are becoming more prevalent on other kinds of information-based smart networks as well, such as those that operate buildings and utility systems. Whether the objective is to steal intellectual property or halt operations, the tools and the techniques used for unauthorized network access are increasingly sophisticated, and cybersecurity is becoming more of a concern.

There is increasing concern regarding cybersecurity across industries where companies are steadily integrating field devices into enterprise-wide information systems.  Traditionally, electrical systems were controlled through serial devices connected to computers via dedicated transceivers with proprietary protocols. In contrast, today’s control systems are increasingly connected to larger enterprise networks, which can expose these systems to similar vulnerabilities that are typically found in computer systems.

The purpose of this document is to provide high-level guidance to help customers across industries and applications apply Eaton solutions for power management of electrical systems in accordance with current cybersecurity standards. This document is intended to provide an overview of key security features and practices to consider in order to meet industry-recommended standards and best practices.

Download the new white paper from Eaton that covers how to make sure your electrical systems are in accordance with today's cybersecurity standards.

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