How to Build a Microgrid

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Your microgrid project is ready to move forward. But a microgrid’s unique nature can trip up even the most advanced engineers and utility staff. Building microgrids is a complex endeavor. 

The nature of microgrid topology generally means power can now flow in multiple directions on your grid. 

And there are multiple facets to controlling your microgrid and planning for contingencies. 

Ensuring your microgrid works means you need to verify all use cases in both steady-state scenarios and when load and generation aren’t balanced. 

Each microgrid must meet the unique requirements for the generation sources, load profiles, and use cases at each site. In most cases, microgrids blend existing and new infrastructure at each installation site, making exact duplications rare.

Even if you have defined some of your microgrid needs, it can be easy to overlook the details. Missing these details can result in increased costs and project delays. 

This handbook from S&C Electric is designed to provide industry best practices and help you avoid common mistakes when building microgrids.

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