Beyond the Fence Line: Strengthening Military Capabilities Through Energy Resilience Partnerships

White Papers > Military Microgrids > Beyond the Fence Line: Strengthening Military Capabilities Through Energy Resilience Partnerships

The Department of Defense (DoD) is increasingly reliant on electric power for critical national defense missions. Domestic military installations are connected to the civilian electric grid, which is under threat from more frequent and extreme weather events, aging and outdated infrastructure, and cyber and physical attacks from determined adversaries. In response, DoD and the military services have issued strong energy resilience policies and developed dozens of energy resilience and distributed energy projects.

In order to scale the deployment of energy resilience projects to secure critical missions, DoD will have to continue and expand partnerships with states, communities, regulators, utilities and others. This paper identifies existing partnerships that have led to successful energy projects, and describes how those projects provide a roadmap to strengthen energy resilience for the military and surrounding defense communities.

The remainder of this section provides an overview of the evolving threat environment to U.S. critical infrastructure and military readiness. Section 2 summarizes DoD energy resilience strategy and policy, and provides an overview of energy resilience stakeholders at the headquarters, program and installation levels. Section 3 features case studies of leading edge energy resilience projects and highlights the defense community partnerships that were key to their success. Section 4 identifies opportunities for additional innovations in defense community partnerships for energy resilience

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