Solar Turbines

Headquartered in San Diego, California, USA, Solar Turbines Incorporated, a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc., is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines, with more than 15,000 units and over 2 billion operating hours in over 100 countries.

Products from Solar Turbines play an important role in the development of oil, natural gas and power generation projects around the world. Solar Turbines’ products include gas turbine engines (rated from 1,500-30,000 horsepower), gas compressors, and gas turbine-powered compressor sets, mechanical-drive packages and generator sets (ranging from 1-22 megawatts).

Solar Turbines has been selling microgrid solutions and CHP systems for many years. They specialize in microgrids in the 5MW to 25MW+ range. You can read Solar Turbines microgrids article and case studies by clicking here.  Below you will find a lit of Solar Turbine microgrid white papers which members can download for free.


We make our customers successful. 
We will be a leader in providing preferred solutions that maximize the use of pre-engineered industrial gas turbine products and systems that demonstrate quality and value to customers with power generation, compression, or pumping needs.

We will grow profitably.
We will focus on an expanding range of turbomachinery products and services in growth-oriented markets and geographic areas to ensure our returns continuously exceed the corporate average.


Each of us is accountable for uncompromising quality and continuous improvement in all that we do and in everything we produce.

Employee Involvement
We are each responsible for our own career development, as well as for the success and growth of our business. We accomplish this through teamwork and open communication and by aggressively contributing to continuous improvement.

Global Market Leadership
We earn commanding market leadership in our worldwide industry by anticipating and meeting or exceeding customer needs and expectations.

Global Product Support
We support our customers with a full range of comprehensive, unrivalled products and services to ensure total customer satisfaction, volume, growth, and commanding global Customer Services leadership.

International Focus
We maintain a strong worldwide presence, are sensitive to the diversities of our customers and employees, and operate our business from a multi-cultural perspective.

Product Development 
We maintain worldwide product leadership, maximize our Customer Services opportunities, and grow our business by aggressively improving and expanding our current core products and developing new ones.

Business Performance
We seek excellent financial performance by balancing short-term performance with sustained long-term growth, investing wisely, and striving for flexible low costs to assure acceptable results in varying market cycles.

Social Responsibility 
We support and improve the communities where we live and work by providing a safe workplace, encouraging and supporting community involvement, improving the environment, and by respecting the value of every individual.



Solar Turbines Inc.
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