Sapling Financial & Scale Microgrid Solutions

Sapling Financial Consultants is a Toronto-based consultancy specializing in financial modelling and data analytics services for firms across North America. We help electricity developers to land new clients, develop profitable projects, and raise capital from like-minded investors. Our value-driving Financial Modelling services help developers to price projects sustainably, demonstrate customer savings, and raise capital. While our engagements span all industries and sizes, our focus is consistent: making financial decisions based on quantitative analysis.

Scale Microgrid Solutions designs, builds, operates, and finances cutting-edge on-site power systems for commercial and industrial facilities throughout North America. The Company’s proprietary microgrid modules enable their customers to reap the benefits of the world’s most innovative distributed energy technologies while eliminating the anxieties associated with the traditional microgrid development process. SMS is building the backbone of the 21st century electric grid, at scale.