Fairbanks Morse

Fairbanks Morse Engine is the critical power solutions expert – a strategic partner and a trusted source for application-specific, fuel- flexible power systems that deliver optimal performance in mission critical applications. These applications include base load and standby power generation and emergency back-up power for nuclear plants; ship propulsion and shipboard power for the United States Navy and Coast Guard and commercial vessels, and mechanical drive applications such as crude oil and water pumping.

An EnPro Industries company, Fairbanks Morse Engine, can be found powering the world forward in a wide range of municipal, institutional and industrial applications. EnPro Industries is a diversified manufacturer of proprietary engineered products used in critical applications with more than 5000 people worldwide with products sold in over 100 countries across the globe.

The acquisition of the Eclipse Windmill Co. and the Williams Engine Works in 1885 was the start of Fairbanks Morse Engine. Over the years, Fairbanks Morse Engine has manufactured a wide array of products including radios, washing machines, power mowers, water heaters, water softeners, air conditioners, and storage batteries. Fairbanks Morse Engine was the first company to successfully market a gasoline engine in the United States in 1893. Today, our focus is to manufacture diesel and dual-fuel engines and to provide outstanding aftermarket product support. Our heritage is rich with technology innovations and an extensive line of efficient, long-life engine designs. The Opposed Piston engine was developed in the mid-1930s and was initially used to power submarines and locomotives. Because of the outstanding reliability derived from the design, Opposed Piston engines are still in service on U.S. Navy ships, in electric power plants, and in numerous mechanical drive applications.

Today, Fairbanks Morse Engine is the premiere manufacturer of innovative diesel and dual-fuel engines for marine and stationary power applications. Fairbanks Morse Engine's environmentally friendly Enviro-Design®, ALCO, Colt-Pielstick, and MAN engines provide excellent fuel consumption with low emissions and are positioned to meet future emissions requirements in the coming years.


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