Enchanted Rock

Founded in 2006, Enchanted Rock, Ltd. builds and operates cost effective resiliency microgrids that help companies efficiently manage the risk associated with electricity interruptions. In 2010, ERock became the first in Texas to provide utility grade backup power as a service. The company is responsible for the design, project management, installation, and commissioning of 300 MW of distributed generation, including 160 MW of Distributed Power Generation projects and 140 MW of customer reliability systems. The company currently has 65 MW of customer resiliency microgrids under construction. ERock is the only distributed energy company combining expertise in energy market integration, control technologies, and construction, translating into more reliable and less expensive backup power for customers. ERock serves a wide range of industries including grocery stores, senior living facilities, travel centers, cold storage facilities, car dealerships, higher learning institutions and critical manufacturing facilities.


Enchanted Rock, Ltd.
1113 Vine St., Suite 239
Houston, TX 77002