This collection of videos and webinars discuss the reliability/resilience that microgrids can provide to a variety of organizations and applications.

Bringing it Home 1: Residential Microgrids of the Future

residential Microgrids

Viewed not so long ago as futuristic, home microgrids and nanogrids are now beginning to emerge as homeowners grow increasingly concerned about energy reliability, cost and their environmental footprint. In this video, we look at projects and technologies for residential microgrids in a session designed to inform forward-looking home builders and their customers. This session […]

The Microgrid Innovation Showcase

Microgrid Innovation

Three leading microgrid companies offer an inside look at microgrid innovation in this webinar-style video. Learn about a remote microgrid in Canada, a military microgrid on a US Air Force base, and an industrial microgrid in South Africa.

Workshop: The Value of Resilience

Modular Microgrids

In this workshop, we will focus on the design, economics and dispatch of a standardized modular microgrid. You’ll be surprised to learn it is no more complicated than a standard solar project, with significantly more resilience.

Virtual Microgrid Tour: DEIF

Sustainable Microgrids

Take a tour of two sustainable microgrids in this behind the scenes tour with DEIF. See the microgrid at the Headwaters Center in Winter Park, Colorado and Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Solutions Showcase: Cummins Power Integration Center

Cummins Power Integration Center

Many companies around the world are looking for the resiliency and sustainability benefits that a microgrid can offer. In this solutions showcase video, go behind the scenes at the Cummins Power Integration Center.