This collection of videos and webinars discuss the reliability/resilience that microgrids can provide to a variety of organizations and applications.

Microgrids for Education and Campuses

California’s higher education institutions are leaders in microgrids. In this panel discussion from Microgrid California, hear from schools that operate campus microgrids and those that are soon to join them.

Microgrids for Agriculture and the Food Industry

This panel discussion from Microgrid California offers examples of successful microgrids used in the food industry and looks at how to make wider adoption of microgrids for agriculture easier.

Energy Resilience for All: Access, Equity and Social Justice

Energy Resilience

In this webinar, you’ll hear from people who walk the walk when it comes to microgrids and energy resilience. You’ll learn about some of the most innovative efforts underway to ensure that all populations worldwide, from immigrants on the Mexican border to villagers high in the Himalayas, reap the benefits of microgrids.