Here you'll find videos and webinars on the brain behind the machine - microgrid controllers and software. Learn about tech, the future, and more.

Software & Technology Innovation Showcase

In this video, software and technology companies demonstrate some of the latest innovations in microgrids and distributed energy. Hear from Cummins, CleanSpark, FREEDM Systems Center, Cummins, FuelCell Energy, and RTDS.

Using Real Time Dynamic Modeling for Microgrid Optimization

Microgrid Optimization

This workshop will answer a lot of your questions about the challenges and opportunities around microgrid adoption. Learn how to use real time dynamic modeling and artificial intelligence for microgrid optimization, control, and resilience.

The Future of Microgrid Markets

Microgrid Markets

In this video, learn about the future of microgrid markets including where things are going, how things are expected to evolve, and some of the drivers that are helping microgrids to get deployed today and how they might change in the future.

The Future of Grids, Micro and Macro?

Grid Transformation

In this panel discussion, innovators from Dynamic Grid, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Grid Strategies, and Ameresco debate grid transformation over the next decade.