This is a collection of videos and webinar that will help you understand the finder points of financing/energy as a service.

Leaders Call to Action

Value of Microgrids

In this video, the Microgrid Knowledge Advisory Board discusses what needs to happen next for society to realize the full value of microgrids — and issues a call to action.

Microgrid Finance and EaaS

EaaS Energy as a Service

In this video, we look at both project and customer financing, including optimizing your capital stack, maximizing tax equity opportunities and also know their limits, and how to choose a financing partner. We’ll also discuss energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

How to Pay for Your Microgrid

microgrid financing

Financial experts from Lincoln Energy Services, Ameresco, and Mesa Solutions educate you about your microgrid financing options.

Workshop: The Value of Resilience

Modular Microgrids

In this workshop, we will focus on the design, economics and dispatch of a standardized modular microgrid. You’ll be surprised to learn it is no more complicated than a standard solar project, with significantly more resilience.

Why Does a Microgrid Cost What it Costs?

Microgrid Costs

Microgrid leaders describe issues that drive up microgrid costs — development and permitting delays, state regulations and utility rules, generation choices, location, market rules — and how to overcome them.

Crunching the Numbers of Microgrids

Microgrid costs

What are real microgrid costs and how much money can a microgrid save you? A panel of experts crunch the numbers on microgrid costs and savings.

How Microgrids Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

In this video, we’ll explore how three microgrids reduced energy costs and improved the energy economics for the facilities they serve.

Ways Your Microgrid Can Make (or Save) Money

Microgrid Economics

Microgrids are far more than backup generation. In operation all time, they are able to save and make money for their owners through intelligent control of load and by selling services to the grid.