Here you will find a collection of videos and webinars on community/residential microgrids. Learn about real-world examples, best practices, and financing.

Energy Resilience for All: Access, Equity and Social Justice

Energy Resilience

In this webinar, you’ll hear from people who walk the walk when it comes to microgrids and energy resilience. You’ll learn about some of the most innovative efforts underway to ensure that all populations worldwide, from immigrants on the Mexican border to villagers high in the Himalayas, reap the benefits of microgrids.

Microgrids that Foretell the Future

Microgrids of the future

In this video, you’ll see three presentations featuring microgrids in planning or development that are using innovative technologies or business models, offering insight into microgrids of the future.

Remote Microgrid Best Practices

Remote Microgrids

Understanding the types of challenges that may be encountered will help new microgrid customers avoid some of the common pitfalls, which ultimately will save the project time and money. If you’re a potential microgrid customer, who better to learn from than the people who’ve done it before? This webinar features interviews with members of the teams behind remote microgrids in Alaska, Australia and the Bahamas.

Bringing it Home 1: Residential Microgrids of the Future

residential Microgrids

Viewed not so long ago as futuristic, home microgrids and nanogrids are now beginning to emerge as homeowners grow increasingly concerned about energy reliability, cost and their environmental footprint. In this video, we look at projects and technologies for residential microgrids in a session designed to inform forward-looking home builders and their customers. This session […]

Microgrid Finance and EaaS

EaaS Energy as a Service

In this video, we look at both project and customer financing, including optimizing your capital stack, maximizing tax equity opportunities and also know their limits, and how to choose a financing partner. We’ll also discuss energy-as-a-service (EaaS).

Birds of a Feather: Communities

Community Microgrids

Birds of a Feather meetings are peer-to-peer gatherings for professionals who work within specific industries and registered for the Microgrid 2020 conference. This session is dedicated to discussing community microgrids.

How to Pay for Your Microgrid

microgrid financing

Financial experts from Lincoln Energy Services, Ameresco, and Mesa Solutions educate you about your microgrid financing options.

How Microgrids Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

In this video, we’ll explore how three microgrids reduced energy costs and improved the energy economics for the facilities they serve.