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In this panel discussion from Microgrid California, Congressman Jimmy Panetta joins Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid, and Peter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse to discuss microgrid policy.

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In this panel discussion, Congressman Jimmy Panetta joins Cameron Brooks, executive director of Think Microgrid, and Peter Asmus, research director at Guidehouse, to discuss microgrid policy. They discuss Panetta’s MICROGRID act, the recently passed infrastructure bill, the pending Build Back Better bill, and the general awareness and understanding of microgrids among government leaders in Washington D.C.. Cameron Brooks also discusses Think Microgrid and how the new industry coalition will be working to advance microgrid-friendly policies and legislation. Peter Asmus, who manages a large microgrid database for Guidehouse, shares insights from his years of experience working on microgrids for local governments both in the U.S. and globally.

Ken Horne, director of portfolio operations at Spring Lane Capital, moderates the discussion.

Featured speakers include:

microgrid policy

Cameron Brooks, President of E9 Insight

Energy as a service

Peter Asmus, Research Director, Guidehouse

microgrid policy

Congressman Jimmy Panetta, (D-Carmel Valley), author of the Microgrid Act

This video was recorded during Microgrid California: Keeping the Power Flowing During Grid Disruption. The one-day regional education event was designed for California businesses, institutions, and communities that are curious about how microgrids can benefit them. Held in October of 2021, the editors at Microgrid Knowledge gathered microgrid leaders for a day of interactive sessions designed to help innovators, developers, utilities, and technology and engineering firms exploring the microgrid space.

The event featured more than 30 speakers across five sessions. Panel discussions covered microgrids for businesses and utilities, agriculture and the food industry, education and campuses. and government, communities and CCAs. The event also included an interactive leadership session where panelists and audience members discussed takeaways and questions from the event.

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