How Microgrids Reduce Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs

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In this video, we’ll explore how three microgrids reduced energy costs and improved the energy economics for the facilities they serve.

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Microgrids not only reduce energy costs but can also earn revenue. In this video, we’ll explore how three microgrids improved the energy economics for the facilities they serve. Bill Becker of ComAp shares insights on how the Willinga Park Hybrid microgrid reduces costs at the grid edge. Brian Curtis of Concentric Power and city manager Rene Mendez talk about how the city of Gonzales, California, is building the state’s largest multi-customer microgrid. Cordelia Thielitz of Rolls-Royce also discusses three microgrids that helped customers reduce energy costs.

Elena Cahill, Founder of Globele Energy and author of Power Economics moderates this session.

Featured speakers include:

microgrid buyers

Bill Becker, Renewable Energy Sales Manager at ComAp Group

Brian Curtis, Founder and CEO, Concentric Power

Rene Mendez

Rene Mendez, City Manager, City of Gonzales, CA

Cordelia Thielitz, Vice President of Microgrid Solutions, Rolls-Royce

This video was recorded during Microgrid 2021: The World Awakens to Microgrids, a virtual conference held over four weeks in May and June of 2021. The event featured more than 60 speakers across 20 sessions and was designed to educate sustainability and facility managers, energy decision-makers and others curious about microgrids. The overarching theme of the conference focused on the energy, financial, and sustainability benefits that microgrids can offer facilities — and society as a whole. Although this was previously recorded, you’ll find many of the examples and insights are timeless in their strategic value.

The sessions were designed to provide insight into business models, financing, government incentives and other microgrid funding. They also provide guidance when choosing technology and development partners for your microgrid project.

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