Greening and Microgridding the Mid-Atlantic

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In this video, you’ll learn about projects underway, policies in the making and opportunities on the horizon for the Mid-Atlantic states.

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The Mid-Atlantic states are among the most active in the nation when it comes to microgrids. In this video, you’ll learn about projects underway, policies in the making and opportunities on the horizon.

This panel discussion is moderated by Richard Mroz, regulatory affairs consultant and former president of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. The video includes a question and answer session recorded during the live event.

Featured speakers include:

Richard Mroz, regulatory affairs consultant and former President New Jersey Board of Public Utilities

Christine Knapp, director, Office of Sustainability, City of Philadelphia

Phil Gonski, project manager, The Burns Group

Jonathan Wohl, senior vice president -business development, DCO Energy, LLC

This video was recorded during Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes. The two-day event was designed to bring together industry leaders, visionaries, and those curious about microgrids. Held in June of 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the editors at Microgrid Knowledge gathered microgrid leaders for two days of interactive sessions designed to help innovators, developers, utilities, and technology and engineering firms exploring the microgrid space.

The event featured more than 100 speakers across thirty sessions. Panel discussions covered big picture ideas around macro economic influences on the microgrid market, how microgrids can be a building block of US infrastructure and climate goals, why microgrids are becoming important to military missions and the challenges with supporting an electrified economy. The event also included multiple breakout sessions where panelists presented real-world case studies. Each session allowed audience members to ask questions of the panelists.

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