Transform the Energy Efficiency Industry For Savings, Profit

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The money pumped into the energy efficiency industry is not yielding sustainable results: What we need is a performance-based industry, says Matt Golden, principal, Golden is spearheading a movement to transform the industry into a market-based approach in which incentives match real savings – not predicted savings. Under his model, utilities would issue RFPs for energy efficiency and would treat efficiency like other resources. Competition would drive innovation, benefitting contractors, utilities and ratepayers. Listen to our interview with Golden to learn more about his goals for transforming the industry. (Photo credit:  David Sanderling)

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  1. Powerful concept! Near real-time validation of savings for each cost reduction project resolves the big barrier e.g. “We don’t believe the savings you show.”

    Let’s all promote the concept – we can help a lot of folks who otherwise will not move ahead.


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