Top 10 LED Reflector Bulbs-Efficient & Appealing Part 2

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Lisa Cohn Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast

Lisa Cohn of continues her interview with Adam Cooper, research manager for the Institute for Energy Efficiency, which recently identified the top ten LED reflector bulbs—the bulbs that are the most energy efficient and appealing to consumers.



Top 10 LED Reflector Bulbs-Efficient & Appealing Part 2]

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  1. Peter S. Shen says:

    Lisa: Your title is Top 10 LED reflector Bulbs. After spending almost 20 minutes listening to you and your guest, no names or part numbers were given. What is the purpose of this interview? As a consumer I am interested in the results of Adam Cooper’s finding. But I just wasted 20 minutes here.

    Peter S. Shen

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