Free Educational Webinar on Tier 4 Diesel Generators September 29

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Diesel generators are increasingly in the news in light of their growing use in places like California where utilities have installed quick-build diesel microgrids to ward off wild-fire related power outages.

tier 4 diesel

Image courtesy of Powersecure

What’s often missed in the conversation is that not all diesel generators are created equal. The US Environmental Protection Agency has mandated that diesel engines reduce exhaust emissions to various tiers. The most recent and stringent ‘Tier 4’ reduces exhaust emissions 99% over previous tiers.

Microgrid Knowledge will host an educational webinar 2 pm, Tuesday, September 29 that explains stationary Tier 4 diesel generators: what they are, how they are used and how they stack up against earlier diesel generators and natural gas competitors.

Titled “The Clean Secret Behind Diesel,” the free webinar will feature Chris Ellis, executive vice president distributed infrastructure at PowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary; Jim McDonald, director of environmental impact, Miratech; and Darren Tasker, vice president of industrial, Volvo Penta of the Americas. Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge, will act as moderator.

The one-hour webinar, which will include a question and answer period, will:

  • Explain Tier 4 Final
  • Describe who can use it and its benefits
  • Sort myths from facts about the technology
  • Explore options for use of Tier 4 generators by commercial and industrial operations

Participants also will discuss power density, operational flexibility, emergency backup performance, block loading capability and transient performance.

In addition, the webinar will explore costs and how they can be offset through use of Tier 4 diesel generators in peak shaving, load management and other services.

Register for “The Clean Secret Behind Diesel” free of charge.

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