Temecula Valley Schools to Issue Microgrid RFP

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California’s Temecula Valley Unified School District is expected to issue a request for proposals (RFP) this week for two solar and storage microgrids, according to Sage Energy Consulting.

The district, which provides public education in Riverside County, plans to install one of the microgrids at a new elementary/middle school being developed in Winchester, and the other at an elementary school being modernized in Temecula.

As detailed by Sage Energy in a notice Friday, the project includes:

  • A roof-mounted net-metered solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage system microgrid located at K8 STEAM Academy.
  • A canopy‑mounted net-metered solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage system microgrid located at the Rancho Elementary School

The district will seek a contract with one firm for construction at both sites and offer an option to also operate and maintain them. Temecula Valley designed electrical infrastructure to accommodate the solar PV and battery microgrids and is undertaking initial site preparation work.

To participate, bidders must apply to prequalify by October 23 and achieve prequalification by October 30.

The RFP also requires bidders meet other requirements, including having designed, constructed, and achieved commercial operation, within the last five years, for at least three solar PV projects of 200 kW DC or larger for a California public school district or other project under the purview of the Division of the State Architect (DSA).

The school district will choose the winner based on the proposal’s value under a scoring matrix.

According to the preliminary schedule, the school district will release the microgrid solicitation October 8 with a November 6 deadline for proposals. The district expects to notify the top vendor the week of November 24 and hopes to approve a contract by December 15. Construction would begin March 2021 with the intent of putting the microgrids into commercial operation August 2021.

The RFP will be released to interested firms through the district’s website.

The contact for more information is rfp@sagerenew.com.

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  1. “A roof-mounted net-metered solar photovoltaic and battery energy storage system microgrid located at K8 STEAM Academy.”
    Get the 7 and 8th graders involved in their STEM classes with the solar PV system and microgrid. Teach them theory from solar PV to electronics switching circuits, battery technology and maintenance. Teach them what PPE is, how to properly use it, give them some hands on experience with a “system”, leave them with the competence to trace, measure, troubleshoot a system and leave them with the ability to actually operate, troubleshoot and repair such a system. A lot of systems now-a-days have internet monitoring that helps when a failure occurs, might as well get the students up to speed on the future of systems and how to operate them using software and specific system designed monitoring and control programs.