Tampa Electric Issues RFP for Standby Generation, Communication and Billing

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Tampa Electric is seeking proposals to modernize its Standby Generator Program  and to provide communication and billing services.

The program, which targets  commercial and industrial customers, has been offered for more than 20 years, with many of Tampa Electric’s largest C&I customers participating . In times of high peak demand, program participants are expected to shift their committed load from Tampa Electric service to their standby generators.

 Tampa Electric requires a more comprehensive and technologically advanced means of communicating with program participants through two-way communications, real-time capacity monitoring and streamlined and accurate billing. Controls must be enhanced to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

Tampa Electric initially filed the Standby Generator DSM Program more than 20 years ago. Minor program adjustments have occurred since that time. A copy of the current tariff can be found here.

Companies are invited to submit a proposal to modernize the program and to provide communication and billing services. Proposals are due on or before 5:00 PM EDT, May 6. The RFP is available here.


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