Congressman Casten: Microgrid owners need to get paid for the value they create

When ISO New England (ISO-NE), a grid operator, developed its first forward capacity markets in the early 2000s, US Rep. Sean Casten, D-Ill. — then an energy developer — built a cogeneration plant in northern Vermont that yielded savings for the plant owners and the ISO by cutting peak demand on the system. During a press interview at the time, … [Read more...]

What We Should Be Talking about When We Talk about Microgrids

Beware of anyone who tries to say we need more research & development before we move forward with microgrids. There are no technical barriers to microgrid deployment, but lots of regulatory barriers. And therefore, every dollar spent on an R&D or pilot program is a dollar not driving real progress. Full confession: I have a dog in the … [Read more...]