S&C Integrates 30-year-old Texas Diesel Generation Equipment with Advanced Microgrid

S&C Electric recently addressed a series of challenges to help provide microgrid engineering support for a project in Lancaster, Texas. Oncor, a Texas transmission and distribution service provider, partnered with S&C to provide engineering expertise, as well as new equipment to build and operate an advanced microgrid. Oncor wanted to … [Read more...]

Farewell to “If You’ve Seen One Microgrid, You’ve Seen One Microgrid”

Some quotes become sticky. Such is the case with: “If you’ve seen one microgrid, you’ve seen one microgrid.” Not long after S&C Electric’s David Chiesa coined the phrase about five years ago, it became something of a mantra at industry conferences and discussions. The converse of “if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all,” it was … [Read more...]

Energy Storage Is a Key Ingredient for All Microgrids

Troy Miller, business development and marketing manager in the Power Quality Products Division at S&C Electric, sets the record straight on the need to pair energy storage with solar in microgrids Recently I read where microgrids that generate half their power from solar supposedly don’t need energy storage. It might be true that they don’t … [Read more...]

Schneider Electric Sees Shifts in the Microgrid Market  

Conference attendance reveals a lot about microgrid market trends. Just a few years ago federal agencies, municipalities and other big energy users dominated events. Utility attendance was scarce. But no more. Utilities have arrived. That is one of the big shifts that Schneider Electric identified in a recent executive interview with … [Read more...]

Rumor is True. Oncor Unveils First-of-a-Kind Microgrid

Rumors have circulated for months that S&C Electric, Schneider Electric and Oncor had in the works a microgrid more sophisticated than any so far built in North America. Today the companies lifted the veil off the completed project near Lancaster, Texas. The new microgrid isn’t particularly large (1.25 MW), but oh what’s inside. Not one … [Read more...]

Capstone Sees Business Uptick from Microgrids and CHP

Capstone Turbine has reported an uptick in microturbine orders as a result of new interest in combined heat and power and microgrids in the United States. “Microgrid and power resiliency demand seem to be picking up generally,” said Darren Jamison, president and CEO of the California-based microturbine manufacturer, during an earnings call … [Read more...]