Chattanooga Airport and Partners Plan “Dynamic Boundaries” Microgrid

Already a pioneer in municipal broadband and smart grid, Chattanooga, Tennessee, is now setting its sights on developing an airport microgrid that will employ an innovative, open-source controller. The city's utility, the Chattanooga Electric Power Board (EPB), and partners are working on a microgrid for the Chattanooga Airport that will … [Read more...]

General Electric and National Instruments Work on USAID Microgrid and Solar Projects

General Electric (GE) and National Instruments (NI) are working on USAID microgrid and solar projects in Africa and India as part of a larger $10 million research initiative on a range of topics where gaps in scientiific knowledge exist. The microgrid and solar projects are among 49 research initiatives through U.S. Aid’s Global Development Lab. … [Read more...]