US House Bill Would Give Microgrids 30% Tax Credit

A California congressman has introduced a bill into the US House of Representatives that would create a 30% microgrid tax credit. The tax credit would run through 2025 and then phase down each year to 10% by 2028 and sunset in 2029. Unlike existing federal tax credits for wind and solar, the microgrid tax credit could be taken as a direct … [Read more...]

Draft of the MICROGRID Act Introduced in the US House of Representatives

The following is language from a draft of the MICROGRID Act obtained by Microgrid Knowledge. We will provide a link to the filed bill when it is available. See Ethan Howland's article about the legislation here. A BILL   To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax credits for microgrid property.   Be it enacted by the … [Read more...]