Microgrids 101: A Non-geek Definition of Microgrid

A modern day microgrid is a mini-version of the electric grid – except usually smarter and more efficient. So before we provide a definition of microgrid, we need to define ‘the grid.’ The electric grid is the interconnected wires, poles and power plants that deliver electricity to our homes and business. People use the catch-phrase … [Read more...]

What We See in Microgrids…from the Editors of Microgrid Knowledge

Welcome to Microgrid Knowledge, the first independent, international news and feature site dedicated solely to microgrids. We suspect you are here because you see what we see. The era of the microgrid has arrived – and more quickly than some expected. Why is this a great time for microgrids? New to microgrids? Check out Microgrids 101: A … [Read more...]