Specialized Microgrids Will Keep Utilities Competitive

specialized microgrids

In this week’s Industry Perspectives, Kilowatt Labs' Omar Ghani explores the potential of specialized microgrids to drive competition and provide utilities with a sustainable commercial model for the future.  Utilities keep the lights on, delivering electricity to us reliably, safely and economically. Having built a robust technical and … [Read more...]

The Case for Specialized Microgrids

Governments, utility companies, and many businesses today agree we are in the midst of a shift toward a low-carbon economy. Many utilities are transitioning toward more renewable energy generation models and utilizing new energy storage solutions like specialized microgrids. Much of the focus has been on clean generation sources such as wind and … [Read more...]

How Specialized Microgrids can Rapidly Enable a Low Carbon Electricity Network

The U.S. Department of Energy has declared that we are in the midst of a revolution toward a low carbon economy. The transition to renewable generation has begun in earnest, and it is now a matter of time before more energy is generated through clean sources than by burning fossil fuels. How quickly this transition happens depends upon our ability … [Read more...]