Will Utilities Look at Solar Microgrids in the Rearview Mirror and Say “Uh Oh”

Growth in solar microgrids -- and all forms of distributed solar -- is accelerating. So much so that utilities better jump into the market now or risk watching it pass them by. That's the message from a new white paper, “Utilities and Distributed Solar: Go Bold (and Smart) or Go Home,” recently published by ICF International. Utilities be … [Read more...]

What is Government Doing to Spur Microgrid Growth?

What state and federal policies are spurring microgrid growth in the United States? Here's an inventory from our latest Think Microgrid report, The Energy Efficient Microgrid, which examines grid-connected microgrids and companion technologies: combined heat and power (CHP) and district energy (DE). The Obama administration created one of the … [Read more...]