Unmoored from Facts: Is the EIA Looking at the Same Energy Markets as the Rest of Us?

The Rocky Mountain Institute's Jules Kortenhorst and Kieran Coleman say that the U.S. Energy Information Administration portrays clean energy markets erroneously in its annual forecast. The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s (EIA’s) most recent Annual Energy Outlook (AEO) should give anyone watching today’s energy markets a jolt of … [Read more...]

Looking for Microgrids with PEVs? Try California

Microgrids with PEVs are often pictured as the local energy model of the future. It looks like California -- in pursuit of both microgrids and  PEVs -- could lead the way toward that future. California is well ahead of the rest of the nation in putting PEVs, or plug-in electric vehicles, on the road. Five out of a 1,000 vehicles in California … [Read more...]