Integrated Distribution Management Systems

In this report, we present the architecture of an integrated electric distribution system management approach based on the coordinated operation of a DMS, MCs, DERMS, and DERs. The relevant DER group functions necessary to support the implementation of selected DMS applications, i.e., OLPF, VVO, FLISR, SCA and DR, are identified; and messages for … [Read more...]

Foundational Report Series: Advanced Distribution Management Systems for Grid Modernization

Electric distribution utilities encounter many challenges to successful deployment of Distribution Management Systems (DMSs). The key challenges are documented in this report, along with suggestions for overcoming them. This report offers a recommended list of activities for implementing a DMS. It takes a strategic approach to implementing DMS … [Read more...]

Importance of a Distribution Management System (DMS) in Grid Modernization

Argonne National Laboratory - Energy Division, just released a white paper on the importance of a distribution management system (DMS) as part of the advanced distribution management systems for grid modernization. Grid modernization is transforming the operation and management of electric distribution systems from manual, paper-driven business … [Read more...]