Revisiting the Tesla-Edison debate in the microgrid era

Hanan Fishman, president of Alencon Systems, outlines the benefits of DC microgrids. In many ways “The War of the Currents” was really about distributed versus centralized generation. In an era of distributed energy resources, the renewables-based DC microgrid puts a new spin on an old debate. DC versus AC. Tesla versus Edison. The … [Read more...]

US Federal Lab Seeks Data on Direct Current Microgrids, Lighting

A U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory is seeking market data about direct current lighting and DC building microgrid controllers to help guide its research efforts. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory issued requests for information from manufacturers and solution providers to understand the state of the two technologies and … [Read more...]

Shouldn’t We Have More DC Microgrids?

Direct current (DC) microgrids offer a lot of advantages in today's digitally networked, electrified world. Yet they face challenges gaining acceptance on the US grid where alternating current (AC) dominates. That's not to say DC isn't used. Much of the high-power electrical equipment and machinery used in industry, buildings and … [Read more...]