Microgrid Knowledge Products Roundup: New DERMS, Switchgear Simulators & FLISR

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Today’s Microgrid Knowledge Products Roundup focuses on a joint flexibility solution that’s a result of a new Schneider Electric and AutoGrid partnership, as well as products from Russelectric and G&W Electric.

Schneider Electric and AutoGrid partner to simplify integration, increase visibility

Schneider Electric and AutoGrid have partnered up to simplify often-complicated integration efforts — in this case, integrating customer-owned or -operated flexible distributed energy resources (DERs) into their distribution management operations.

As a result of the partnership, the joint solution integrates Schneider EcoStruxure Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) with AutoGrid Flex, using the open standard IEEE 2030.5 to exchange data and control signals.

The companies explained the solution is designed to “enable a comprehensive approach to modeling, forecasting, optimizing and orchestrating flexibility from all behind-the-meter (BTM) DERs connected to the electricity grid.” 

This works to increase visibility and control across assets such as energy storage, solar PV, wind, thermostats, water heaters, electric vehicle chargers, and commercial and industrial demand response for transmission and distribution network operators.

Russelectric releases new switchgear simulators

Siemens’ Russelectric has been busy as 2020 kicks off. After announcing it’s latest in SCADA systems for microgrids earlier in the month, in late January, the company announced it will be providing the market with switchgear simulators.

These are designed for customers to help train personnel on automatic and manual operation of Russelectric switchgear, the company explained.

Microgrid Products

A new Russelectric’s switchgear simulator designed to train personnel on automatic and manual operation of its switchgear. (Photo: Russelectric)

These systems, available in a base and advanced model, are customizable to mimic the specific operation of a particular customers’ operation of the customer’s Russelectric switchgear/system.

The simulators can help familiarize workers on the system and its operation and help accurately diagnose a wide range of utility, generator, and breaker problems, as well as be used to assess the impact of changes to PLC setpoints such as kilowatt values and time delays.

A new model-based, single-phase FLISR from G&W Electric 

G&W Electric recently  showcased its new Single Phase Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR).

The solution aims to provide “a solution to the utility industry’s most common fault, a single-phase line to ground fault.”

Working to provide greater visibility into outages, the solution allows utilities to automatically reroute power, potentially minimizing the number of customers impacted by outages.

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