LG Chem Supplies Batteries for Large S&C Electric Project in Ohio

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S&C Electric has commissioned a 7 MW/3 MWh LG Chem battery system for its Minster, Ohio project, one of the largest solar plus storage operations of its kind in the US.

The advanced project, which includes a 4.2 MW solar installation, is designed to create multiple revenue streams for owner Half  Moon Ventures (HMV) and the municipal utility in the village.

Specifically, the battery energy storage system offers frequency regulation; transmission & distribution cost deferral; power quality improvements; and peak demand shaving.

The solar plus storage project is an example of how energy storage provides multiple value streams for numerous stakeholders, while providing end users with improved services and reliability, especially for the 61 million customers served by the PJM Interconnection, the regional grid operator.

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LG Chem delivered an integrated battery solution, battery installation supervision, and commissioning to S&C Electric, which integrated the overall system with the electric grid and provided the power conversion system.

“This project is a key example of how energy storage can generate tangible revenue streams while providing critical grid services,” said Mike Edmonds, president, U.S. Business Unit at S&C Electric. “S&C has been able to deliver a comprehensive energy storage solution through its collaboration with LG Chem and is very proud to be moving the energy storage industry forward.”

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  1. Bill Leighty says:

    Thank you for reporting both power and energy specs.
    What is the total turnkey cost of this installation? What is the capital cost (capex) per MWh, per kWh ?
    Battery electric energy storage, at any scale, is very capital-costly. Long-term O&M costs won’t be known for decades.
    Electricity systems may be inferior to decarbonizing Humanity’s energy system at the scale we need. Therefore, we should be seriously considering alternatives to electricity systems for gathering and transmission, annual-scale firming storage, distribution and integration and end-use of CO2-emissions-free energy from all sources, for all uses. Gaseous hydrogen and liquid anhydrous ammonia (NH3) fuels, via underground pipelines, made from CO2-emissions-free (CEF) energy sources, are attractive alternatives: storage costs < $ 1.00 per kWh capex, in any case.

  2. Denny Frank says:

    Is your system to be used by home owners?